Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.

In concrete terms, as external experts with cross-border expertise, we provide the following consulting packages & training seminars (examples):

Internationalization Strategy & Collaborations with Europe Package

  • Assist you in taking a fresh look at your international strategy and in evaluating strengths and weaknesses & opportunities and threats of your international competitiveness.
  • Assist you in broadening your international network with Europe: tailored to the needs and specifics of your organization we will support the establishments of concrete research contacts.
  • Provide reports with up-to-date knowledge of international trends, perceptions and regulatory issues.

Organizational Change Supporting Package

Our experience has been that organizational change within academic organization takes time and effort. “Processes” are much more important than immediate “plans” or “blue-prints”, that are rarely implemented because of internal resistance within the university.

  • We provide support for designing and implementing a process for organizational change at your organization and for continuously monitoring the progress.
  • We assist you with a performing report (usually after one year).
  • We define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the successful implementation of a process for organizational change.
  • We assist you in defining a mid-term roadmap for the process of organizational change.

Personal Development Program for Early Career Researchers

We offer a variety of half day or one day seminars, e.g. (details):

  • A one year Curriculum on „Research Management“
  • Seminar for Time & Project Management
  • Seminar for Communication & Leadership
  • Seminar for (Self)Presentation in Academia
  • Seminar for Preparing for (Mid-Term)Evaluation
  • Seminar for Networking and Collaboration in Global Science
  • Seminar for Career Planning (basic & advanced)
  • Intercultural Seminars

Training for URA Package

  • We provide advice for designing curricula for University Research Administrator/ Science Manager.
  • We offer specific training seminars.


Please kindly let us know, if you are interested in more information and price quotations!